Radio Show Series Launch


Here it is! My very first blog post, on my very first website announcing my very first episode of my very first Radio Show. 

This is fantastic! Look at all the people here! Hello! Hello! Bonjour! How do!

Well, I, uh, suppose I ought to convince you now to listen to this show.

Hello. It's me, Your Pal, Gordo. This is my podcast and I call it "The Ghostwave"

Right off the top- It has very little to do with ghosts. Like, much less than a show with the word 'ghost' in the title would probably lead you to believe. If you've found this website and show because of my cameo appearances on numerous discovery channel ghost hunt specials, you will be sorely disappointed by the content here. (Assuming you are expecting more of the ghost stuff that most of America knows me for, primarily.)

What is it? Hmm. Well, it's a comedy and variety talk show about things that interest me and possibly you. We'll talk about Funk music, Cool books, Pizza and Pizza Parlors, psychic stuff, and other topics! We'll have visits by interesting people and my friends and relatives, many of whom also are interesting people! 

Here! Here are the first two episodes! I suggest listening to them in order.


You can stream them here, or find them on Itunes or Stitcher. Just Search for "The Ghostwave". Use a different podcast aggregator and can't find me on it? Let me know and I'll see what I can do.


Thanks, and enjoy!


The Ghostwave

San Francisco, Ca, USA